Monday, January 21, 2019

Symbolism of Our Logo

Symbolism of Our Logo

In July of 2018, TCI decided we needed to change the way we are perceived to better reflect our core values. When you see the new logo, you will notice it is composed of geometric elements with a shadow at the base. This is because it is not a simple triangle but actually a pyramid. Our logo encompasses not only the strength and reliability of these ancient structures but represents the three pillars on which our business is built off of; InnovationService and Performance.

Although the pyramid is rooted in ancient architecture, from first glance it can be seen that our logo actually has a modern style. This dynamic look embodies Innovation and evolution towards tomorrow. Aside from that, the pyramid itself has an upward motion, all sides leading toward a single point. This is significant because at TCI we are continually moving forward and innovating to keep ahead.

Service is represented in this logo by the sleek border, this is to reflect a sense of protection and care. There is also a visibly strong base. This is because TCI has over 30 years of industry experience building the foundation to which we service our customers. This level of knowledge is intended to evoke a sense of trust.  

The overall crispness of this logo resembles the quality of our products. The ends are sharp, the shapes are defined and again there is this upward motion. All this shows our commitment to excellence and perfection thus premium Performance.

These three pillars being represented are components of how we create high Value for our customers. The peak is a symbol of being the best, which is where we strive to be in the industry. The diamonds are meant to resemble not only powder being sprayed but symbolize infinity, the ongoing benefit and value one will get from our brand. It is much more than a shape, but this pyramid personifies all the traits that make us who we are, because at TCI its “Where Your World Matters”