Friday, February 24, 2017

Welcoming New Employee, Dawn Hardison!

TCI would like to welcome Dawn Hardison to the team! Dawn is joining TCI as our newest Customer Service Representative. As a new employee, her first priority is to become well versed in TCI’s systems, methods, and products. Her responsibilities will include being informed about TCI’s products and providing superior customer service to each customer and member of the organization. Dawn values training as “the key to success” and hopes to quickly integrate with TCI’s great customer service team. She believes that her years of customer service experience give her the background she needs to reach her goals as a TCI representative.

Outside of work, Dawn has many hobbies but most enjoys spending time with family. Please help us welcome Dawn to the TCI family!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Embrace the Wintertime Chill with Arctic White

Embrace the season with this cold color of Arctic White! TCI brings a broad spectrum of colors to the table, giving you many selections to choose from, even unique and rare hues that can be hard to find.

This month, we’re featuring Arctic White, a perfect color for your powder coating needs, including indoor applications such as display racks, shelves, lighting fixtures, office furniture, and dishwasher parts. Give your products a cool feel with a touch of radiance with this pure hue.

For more information on TCI Powder Coatings’ powder coating lines, visit our website here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TruAnodize Powder Coatings

TCI Powder Coatings offers a wide variety of coating options specially designed to meet your needs. The TruAnodize smooth, low gloss powder coating line provides durability and superior performance.

The line is an excellent replacement for anodized products and eliminates the color variation problems associated with anodizing metals and having to mix and match various shades.

These coatings require no clear coat! Apply one coat and achieve a beautiful, low gloss, smooth finish suitable for any architectural, commercial, or residential project. Most commonly, these coatings are used for windows, door frames, lighting, benches, wall panels, and rails.

To find out more about these coatings, visit the TCI website here.

Happy Valentines Day from TCI!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Benefits Series: Mechanical and Performance

Powders are twice as thick as standard finishes. That’s right, twice. However, as we’ve stated before, the powder’s film thickness can be controlled for whatever best suits the material. This gives products the extra durability they need to withstand environmental conditions, rough wear and tear, and the general, day-to-day conditions. If you’re looking for a finish that will stand up to the elements and improve adhesion and corrosion resistance, powder coating is your top choice. Powder’s superior film properties can’t be found in many other finishes.

Powders are increasingly durable and resistant to chemicals, weather, chipping, and scratching. This resistance stems from the thermal bonding process during curing that is unlike any other finishing process. This bonding also lends itself to a longer lasting vibrancy of color.

Powder coating also has great flexibility and can bend and yield along with the material it is applied to. This is ideal in the industry of transportation where products often necessarily vibrate and twist.

So what if a powder coated product gets damaged prior to curing? It’s easily rectified. The coater can simply blow off the powder and re-coat over the damaged area. Powders provide superior performance, low waste, and low maintenance making them an ideal finishing choice.