Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Benefits Series: Mechanical and Performance

Powders are twice as thick as standard finishes. That’s right, twice. However, as we’ve stated before, the powder’s film thickness can be controlled for whatever best suits the material. This gives products the extra durability they need to withstand environmental conditions, rough wear and tear, and the general, day-to-day conditions. If you’re looking for a finish that will stand up to the elements and improve adhesion and corrosion resistance, powder coating is your top choice. Powder’s superior film properties can’t be found in many other finishes.

Powders are increasingly durable and resistant to chemicals, weather, chipping, and scratching. This resistance stems from the thermal bonding process during curing that is unlike any other finishing process. This bonding also lends itself to a longer lasting vibrancy of color.

Powder coating also has great flexibility and can bend and yield along with the material it is applied to. This is ideal in the industry of transportation where products often necessarily vibrate and twist.

So what if a powder coated product gets damaged prior to curing? It’s easily rectified. The coater can simply blow off the powder and re-coat over the damaged area. Powders provide superior performance, low waste, and low maintenance making them an ideal finishing choice.

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