Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Benefits of Fast Cure Products

TCI's formulation lab uses innovative technology to enhance the economic and environmental benefits of our offerings. One way we do that is by offering fast cure technology. The benefits of these cures include: 

1) Energy Savings: Increased line speeds = reduced manufacturing hours

2) Maximized Output Profit: By coating more parts in the same amount of time, the manufacturing costs  is lowered improving the profit margin per part

3) Eliminate bottlenecks associated with cure time/temperature restraints of the power application/cure process

4) Reduced carbon footprint in combination with reduced operating hours

The faster you can cure, the less you need to run the cure oven, and the greener your powder coating process will be. 

Discover our stock Fast Cure (FC) product offerings on our color card here: https://tcipowder.com/products/color-cards/stock-color-card/


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