Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Press Release: A Price Adjustment for TCI

TCI Powder Coatings will be implementing an adjustment in its selling prices to offset sharp increases in the cost of materials. While the price adjustments will be product specific, it is expected that the overall impact will be approximately a 5% increase.

“We work intensely to build a strong partnership with vendors to assure supply, quality, and innovation in our materials. We intend to always provide the best value in the coatings solutions we develop for our customers."
-Doug Greene, President of TCI Powder Coatings

Polyester, epoxy resins, and titanium dioxide are primary components in many of the company’s products and significant drivers of the cost increases. Global demand for these materials has been strong, while supply has been restricted by plant outages and reductions in capacity from major producers.

To view the full press release, click here.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Rise and Grind with Coffee Brown Wrinkle

We know you’re ready for the winter season to be over. We are too! Rise and grind and stay awake during these last few cold days with a hot cup of coffee!

TCI brings a broad spectrum of colors to the table, giving you many selections to choose from, even unique and rare hues that can be hard to find.
This month, we’re featuring Coffee Brown Wrinkle. This color is perfect for your powder coating needs, especially on metals such as valve covers where imperfections need to be hidden.

For more information on TCI Powder Coatings’ powder coating lines, visit our website here.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

New TruDurance Certified Applicator!

Congratulations to Georgia Powder Coating of Gainesville, GA on becoming a TruDurance TCI Certified Applicator for AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 applications!

At TCI, we have one of the most extensive and comprehensive auditing programs in the powder coating industry. Our field technicians are trained to evaluate all aspects of a powder coating operation to determine whether the customer can meet AAMA requirements. During the audit, we run a variety of tests to assess how our powders perform in your process. We will then conduct annual renewal audits to ensure the process parameters have not changed without notification.

Interested in becoming certified? Email us at or call 800-533-9067.

For more information on Georgia Powder Coating, visit their website here.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#TruCoaterContest from March 14-21st!

At TCI, we love Tuesdays! On Tuesdays, we get to showcase quality work from our customers, and promote their work on our several social platforms. Since the campaign has been such a success so far, we have decided to conduct a contest for custom coaters to participate in! Entering this contest will give coaters the chance to submit a photo of their best TCI powder coated part and a chance to win a cash prize! Below are the contest details and guidelines, so that you, the coater, can have the best chance at winning!

Contest Run Time:
Tuesday, March 14th through Tuesday, March 21st (We told you we love Tuesdays!)

Social Platform:

  • Should include the hashtag #TruCoaterContest and #TruCoaterTuesday
  • Submitter should tag @TCIPowderCoatings in the post
  • Include the name of the TCI powder coating used and the name of the coated product
  • The submission should be a new post during the time of the contest and cannot be a previously submitted photo
  • Limited to one submission per company (if the company has several subsidiary companies within it, only one post should be made for that entire parent company)
The winner will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card by mail no longer than 3 weeks following the conclusion of the contest. The winning company’s post will be re-tweeted and reposted on our other social platforms of LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.

The winner must be a company profile or the profile of the CEO/leader of the company, representing that company. The winner must have used TCI Powder Coatings to coat their pictured product.

Legal Guidelines:
  • This contest is not enforced or promoted by or with Facebook.
  • Do not create multiple accounts in order to submit contest posts.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Welcoming New Employee, Dawn Hardison!

TCI would like to welcome Dawn Hardison to the team! Dawn is joining TCI as our newest Customer Service Representative. As a new employee, her first priority is to become well versed in TCI’s systems, methods, and products. Her responsibilities will include being informed about TCI’s products and providing superior customer service to each customer and member of the organization. Dawn values training as “the key to success” and hopes to quickly integrate with TCI’s great customer service team. She believes that her years of customer service experience give her the background she needs to reach her goals as a TCI representative.

Outside of work, Dawn has many hobbies but most enjoys spending time with family. Please help us welcome Dawn to the TCI family!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Embrace the Wintertime Chill with Arctic White

Embrace the season with this cold color of Arctic White! TCI brings a broad spectrum of colors to the table, giving you many selections to choose from, even unique and rare hues that can be hard to find.

This month, we’re featuring Arctic White, a perfect color for your powder coating needs, including indoor applications such as display racks, shelves, lighting fixtures, office furniture, and dishwasher parts. Give your products a cool feel with a touch of radiance with this pure hue.

For more information on TCI Powder Coatings’ powder coating lines, visit our website here.