Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Simple 4 Steps to Color Match

Quite often powder coaters will need custom made to order products with unique glosses/textures and colors. TCI has matched just about any color under the sun and would be happy to match yours today. We have even simplified the process into 4 easy to follow steps.

If you have a color to get matched;

First- Email your TCI Sales Representative
-       State all the details of the color you would like to have matched

Second- Ship the Standard
-       Ship color target standard to TCI in Americus, GA. Ideally this is in the form of a painted metal piece such as a chip or a panel

Third- Approve the Match
-       Our state-of-the-art innovation center can have your color matched and sent back for you to approve

Lastly- Place the Order
-       Confirm the amount desired with your sales representative, they will then send the order to our manufacturing plant where we can have it produced in as little as 5-7 business days.

It is as easy as that!
For more information on color matching reach out to your TCI sales representative or contact us at https://tcipowder.com/company/contact-us/


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