Thursday, June 16, 2022

TCI’s TruDurance Certified Applicator Program

TCI’s TruDurance Certified Applicator Program is one of the most extensive and comprehensive auditing programs in the powder coating industry. Our field technicians are trained to evaluate all aspects of a powder coating operation to determine whether the customer can meet AAMA 2604 and/or 2605 requirements. During the audit, we run a variety of tests to assess how our powders perform in the process. Furthermore, we conduct annual audits to ensure the process parameters have not changed without notification and provide AAMA recertifications every two years.

A TCI TruDurance certification represents quality in your application process and consistent results. It utilizes TCI's industry leading AAMA 2604 and 2605 powder formulations. This program is a way to celebrate your efforts, stand apart from other coaters, and give customers confidence in your process. Aside from a framed certification, banners and plaques are also available upon completion for you to proudly showcase this achievement. If you are interested in becoming certified or learning more, reach out to our Strategic Segment Manager, Eugene Schneider, at