Monday, April 2, 2018

DIY Series: Jeep Bumper Coating

We’ve heard a lot of buzz in the powder coating industry about DIY powder coating and using smaller quantities of powder to coat specific parts (especially Jeep parts). We may be a big-name, premium brand, but we take all of our customers into consideration and know that there are several types of powder coating jobs out there.

Specifically, we’ve been getting a lot of orders for our Chrysler textured smoke bronze color that was used on the 75th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler bumper. If you’re a fan of its the color and texture but are worried that you’ll have to order too much of the product, we want to make you aware that we sell this product through a small packaging program called TruPak. This specific product comes in 1, 3, 5, and 10 lb. increments through this line.

This textured finish is great for coating your off-road truck parts. It won’t orange peel like liquid paints or be placed in uneven layers, and the results are an impressive, tough coating that is ten times stronger than regular car paint, offering greater protection for your off-road truck and providing a smooth, uniform finish.

A strong and supportive coating can transform any bumper, set of wheels, or other Jeep part. Purchase the Chrysler textured Smoke Bronze metallic coating by clicking here. You’ll receive a quality product at a good price. To make sure you are safely coating your parts, view our blog on powder coating safety, here.

When you do coat new products, large or small, be sure to send photos of them in to or We’ll showcase your TCI coated projects on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts!

Comment below with any questions, concerns, or feedback.


  1. Hi, can you provide the color code for the FCA Jeep 10th anniversary bumper in Black, also what type of primer is used.

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