Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Benefits Series: Safety

Safety is the first priority in any industrial warehouse. Keeping employees safe ensures that they will be able to work daily, will have confidence in their abilities, and limits extra costs to employers due to employee sickness or pain from unsafe labor.

With powder coating, safety risks are minimal, giving you the time to focus on other important things within your facility. Like we said in our last post, powder coating does not contain chemicals such as solvents or VOCs, both of which can be extremely detrimental to not only the environment but the health of workers. Solvent free also means fire safe, further decreasing hazards for workers.

Unlike other finishes, when not being sprayed, powders do not pose any health risks. Additionally, powders have less nose, mouth, and throat irritation than solvent-based finishes. Powders do not call for industrial hand cleaners to get them off of the skin. Instead, workers may simply remove powder with warm water.

Although it is technically possible for powder coating materials to combust in a very narrow concentration of powder and air, this is very unlikely, and powder coating usage instructions are easy to follow and understand in order for workers to prevent hazardous situations.

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