Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Benefits Series: Production

There are several production benefits of powder coating. Generally, powder is readily available and usable from the start without the necessity of mixing the powder with solvents or other materials. Powder is also extremely flexible; non-metallic surfaces can be coated, and the range of materials that can be coated is increasing because of advancements in lower bake technologies. This wide range of materials to coat is accompanied by a large scope of coatings, colors, and effects to choose from. From highly functional to supremely decorative, you can find a coating to suit almost any need. Coatings also range in film thickness that can be easily controlled and altered to suit a specific material.

Probably one of the most known production benefits is the reduction of processing time. There is no necessary period of flash off because there is no solvent. Contributing even more to this reduction of time, the powder-coated products are cured within 20 minutes of leaving the oven. These coated products can also be used right away, even when they are too hot to touch, leaving you worry free about ruining the finish and with extra time to focus on important business items. With correct application, powders create an almost perfectly smooth coat, while other finishes tend to run, drip, and chip in the process.

The last production benefit we will touch on is the reduction of energy requirements. There is no energy required to evaporate a solvent or evacuate it from the oven. Plus, the oven stays clean, requiring minimal cleanup.

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