Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Benefits Series: Economic

When you powder coat, 95% of the powder is used, leaving a material loss of less than 5%. That minimal loss can be recovered and blended with virgin powder to be utilized once again. Any material loss or overspray of powder coating can be re-used, unlike other finishes that will be lost or must be disposed of.

All of this reusability means there is virtually no waste in powder coating.

Additionally, the air requirements are less restrictive.  The air extraction for powder spray booths is a lot less than those for solvent-based finishes.

The lower cost of a powder application plant is an additional economical bonus. Compared to other systems, this plant’s cost is fairly low. Also low in cost: labor. Powder coating lends itself well to automation, so labor becomes much less costly. Additionally, coaters only need minimal training and supervision. You also save on insurance and statutory safety features because solvent free means fire safe.

Last but not least, less rework due to lower rejection rates means less labor and material cost.

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