Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Tina Bennett

Tina Bennett has invested the last 20 years into working for TCI Powder Coatings. With so much experience, and loyalty, we wanted to get put Tina in the spotlight as an outstanding employee.

Currently, Tina works in the Accounts Receivable department. However, she began her TCI career in inventory control, where she stayed for six months. Tina contributes her success to her persistence, willingness to learn, and commitment. She also finds that her ability to contribute wherever she is needed got where she is today.

Tina resides in Ellaville, GA with her family, whom she cherishes. Tina insists that she, “would be nowhere without them. They make me who I am.” When not at work, she relishes spending time with her family and especially spoiling her granddaughter.

Tina is a cornerstone to TCI’s foundation and structure. Her commitment and work ethic make her an exemplary member of the TCI team. We want to extend our sincerest thanks to Tina for her all her dedication and hard work on the TCI team. 

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