Thursday, June 16, 2016

TCI Powder Coatings and BASF Forge Strategic Alliance

BASF CathoGuard® Electrocoat Technology Now Available to TCI Customers

At TCI Powder Coatings, we have teamed up with BASF to sell the BASF CathoGuard® electrocoat technology to specified market segments. According to Jack Bostock, vice president of sales and marketing, this alliance will build on TCI’s commitment to market differentiation. He talked of the pairing to be a “win-win for customers looking for performance." Thaddeus Lepkowski, BASF tier metals market manager, agreed, stating, “We’re very pleased that TCI can deliver our innovative product line more broadly to their customers.”

The BASF CathoGuard coating combines several unique performance qualities for use on parts that are more difficult to paint efficiently. Read more about the CathoGuard here.

Through the new alliance, TCI market segments with access to this technology will include general finishing, off-road and heavy equipment, office furniture, and appliance. CathoGuard will also be available to custom coaters for the automotive market.

BASF offers automotive OEM coatings and refinishes, decorative paints, and industrial coatings to guard surfaces, add color, and increase luster. Their technical and qualitative materials are environmentally friendly, functional, and have superior design advantages. See the BASF website for more information.

To read the full press release from TCI, visit this webpage.

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