Monday, April 11, 2016

The Problem-Solution Series: Part 6

Rusting Powder Coating Parts

You take a look at your powder coated parts and, uh-oh! They’re rusting.

The phosphate coating weights are too low.

Adjust the processing conditions, which includes increasing the temperature or lengthening the time. In addition, increase the phosphate and/or accelerator concentration.

Second Origin:
Soils and surfactants are still remaining on the parts, limiting the disposition of phosphates.

First, adjust the clean and rinse stages. Check to make sure both the parts and the spray nozzles are adjusted for the maximum amount of coverage. Additionally, remember to maintain high rinse tank purity.

Third Origin:
Dry off is occurring between stages.

Provide sufficient time for adequate drainage, but not so long that dry off occurs between stages. Reduce the temperatures and utilize the fog nozzles. Also, adjust these nozzles for maximum coverage.

Fourth Origin:
The final dry off of the part is too slow.

Increase the stage temperature for a simple fix to this problem.

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