Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Problem-Solution Series: Part 5

Unwanted Powder Left on the Surface

There is a powder on the surface of the phosphate-coated part. What do I do to keep this leftover powder from sticking (or not sticking) around?

Origin/ Cause:

First, check and see if the parts are fully rinsed or if the rinse is contaminated. If neither of these are the primary problem, check to see if sludge is being transferred. If these three causes do not seem to be the problem, check to see if the accelerator concentration is too high.

If the parts are not fully rinsed or the rinse itself is causing the contamination, orient the parts for maximum coverage. Then, clean and adjust spray nozzles for maximum coverage and maintain high rinse tank purity. If sludge is causing the problem, precipitate and filter the sludge from the cleaning stage. Lastly, if the accelerator concentration is too high, simply reduce it. 

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