Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Problem-Solution Series: Part 12

Faraday in Your Way?

Everything is running smoothly when you notice that some of the powder will not penetrate a faraday cage (inside corner or complex area that acts like an electrical screen that stops charged particles). 

This faraday cage may be due to the powder delivery rate being too low for an adequate amount of coverage.


Increase the powder delivery rate and airflow and adjust the spray gun position to gain sufficient powder coverage.

Second Origin:
It’s possible that during application, the air velocity was too high, and the powder is blowing out of corners.

Solution:Try adjusting and optimizing the spray gun positioning and reducing the air flow rates.

Third Origin:

The problem could be that the high voltage is creating a strong magnetic field, obstructing the penetration.

Reduce voltage to the electrical field that is currently limiting the penetration.

Fourth Origin:

The part is not grounded enough for powder to penetrate nor film to build.

Check the contact areas to ensure that there is no buildup of cured coating, grease, or other insulating material that impedes ground continuity.

Fifth Origin:

Lastly, it could be a case of incorrect spray pattern and gun placement.

Reset the guns to an ideal nozzle selection, pattern setting, and positioning to coat recessed areas.

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