Monday, April 25, 2016

The Problem-Solution Series: Part 11

Lack of Charging and Insufficient Film Buildup (Continued)

Struggling with inadequate film coverage due to poor charging? There are several reasons this could be happening. We’ve expanded on our checklist for you to figure out the true cause and solution of your charging and coverage problem
Origin:There may be excessive moisture or oil in the air supply, in the fluidized bed, and/or within the powder booth.
The humid air acts as an antistat (lessens or prevents accumulation of static electricity). Monitor and control the humidity in the booth and in the air supply.

Second Origin:Excessive moisture in the powder coating could be preventing the powder from building up efficiently.
Solution:The moisture sometimes acts as an antistat as well. Store the powder in a controlled, dry environment.
Third Origin:
It’s possible that the powder coating contains higher concentrations of small-sized particles.


Sustain a constant ratio of untouched powder and reclaimed powder. Monitor the particle size of the powder. If the untouched powder seems to contain excessive fines, contact TCI Power Coatings.

Fourth Origin:
You could have picked a powder with the wrong composition or were given one for another application.

The coating may be formulated for a specific application, so be sure to contact TCI Powder Coatings to verify or correct the issue.

Fifth Origin:
The powder may not have the ability to tribo charge (by friction).
Some powders can charge by friction while others cannot. Contact TCI if you find this to be the problem. If the powder does tribo charge, make sure the tribo tube is not coated with powder particles that limit the creation of friction.
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