Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rodney Usry Receives Promotion

We are pleased to announce Rodney Usry’s promotion to Quality Assurance Manager! He will play a key role in our effort to ensure continuous improvement throughout our business and in becoming the premium brand in powder coatings.

In his new role, Rodney will review all products manufactured for compliance with specifications, manage customer complaints, and collaborate with co-workers to conduct weekly reviews of all open compliant issues and assure proper technical and management focus on solutions. Additionally, Rodney will complete documentation of issues identified and communicate analysis and solutions to the customer, field reps, and the TCI internal team. Eventually, he will work with the Quality Director (a new position to be filled) to fully acclimate the individual to TCI processes while promoting long-term commitment to continuous improvement.

Rodney is a 20-year veteran of TCI with intimate knowledge of product formulations and processes. His driven nature helps him to succeed, yet he attributes his success to the people that he works with at TCI, many of whom he has known since childhood. Rodney has always enjoyed many aspects of formulating powder coating and problem solving both internally and externally. When he is not at TCI contributing to company success, Rodney enjoys his son’s baseball games and spending time with his daughter and new grandson.

His great experience and knowledge of the business as well as his commitment to excellence will yield great results.

Please join me in congratulating Rodney and supporting him in his efforts.

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