Monday, February 15, 2016

The Problem Solution Series: Part 1

Dirty Powder Coating Parts- Even After Cleaning!?

We know it’s frustrating when you’ve cleaned your powder coated parts and they still look dirty. We’re here to help you figure out why this is happening.

Origin/ Cause:
Most often, powder coated parts remain dirty because the soils are not being properly removed. So, what can you do to ensure this does not happen?
First, check to ensure that all soils have been identified. After checking the soils, test all of the stages. Be sure to determine if the proper choice of chemicals and process conditions has been chosen. Remember:
  • acid conditions clean inorganic soils
  • alkaline conditions clean organic soils
The next step is to orient the parts for maximum coverage. It may be as simple as not having the parts positioned in an efficient way. If you’re still stuck, clean and adjust the spray nozzles and spray pressure to gain the maximum coverage. In addition, make sure to measure and maintain high rinse tank water purity.

Second Origin/ Cause:
If soils are not the direct cause of the problem, it may be that the temperature is too low for cleaning soils.

In this case, simply increase the operating temperature, remaining at a safe heat.

Third Origin/ Cause:
You may ask, “what is it if it isn’t the soil or temperature that is causing the problem?” It might be that the chemical concentrations are too low.

Solution: To fix this imbalance, increase the chemical concentrations.

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