Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Word from Intech Services, an Alliance Partner: Try Teflon™ Powder Coatings - Apply Like Your Current Powders

Teflon™ 532-1003 Powder Black One Coat/Primer
Teflon™ powders are free-flowing powders that can be applied with conventional electrostatic powder equipment using either spray guns or a fluidized bed.

532-1003 Black Powder Coating is a unique blend of fluoropolymers and resins. This powder coating has superior toughness along with excellent corrosion resistance and good nonstick properties.  532-1003 is a low cure coating with no VOC emissions, a distinct advantage of using powder coating.

532-1003 is a general industrial powder coating with many possible end uses including but not limited to: interior and exterior piping, chemical drip pans, and air movement blades.

Now is the time to give Teflon™ coatings a try without investing in additional equipment.  All you need is your spray gun and oven!  

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  1. Once the item has been sprayed, it is placed on top of electric powder coating ovens. Depending on the size of your production, you may choose to employ an oven that allows for the addition of adjustable compartments. You may choose the manufacturing rate and curing cycle, as well as the required layout. You may configure the installation to allow for single or several passes.