Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Word from Intech Services, an Alliance Partner: Try Teflon™ Powder Coatings - Apply Like Your Current Powders

Teflon™ 532-1003 Powder Black One Coat/Primer
Teflon™ powders are free-flowing powders that can be applied with conventional electrostatic powder equipment using either spray guns or a fluidized bed.

532-1003 Black Powder Coating is a unique blend of fluoropolymers and resins. This powder coating has superior toughness along with excellent corrosion resistance and good nonstick properties.  532-1003 is a low cure coating with no VOC emissions, a distinct advantage of using powder coating.

532-1003 is a general industrial powder coating with many possible end uses including but not limited to: interior and exterior piping, chemical drip pans, and air movement blades.

Now is the time to give Teflon™ coatings a try without investing in additional equipment.  All you need is your spray gun and oven!  

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