Monday, December 7, 2015

Optimizing Gun Pressures

The key to quality powder coating is to spray just the right amount of powder with the minimum amount of air necessary. Excessive feed air pressure and powder volume will not result in faster or better coated parts, and generally speaking, the finish, spray guns, and spray booth may be compromised as a result.

Excessive gun pressures will have a dramatic negative impact on spray quality and efficiency. 

Too much powder/flow pressure can:

  • Cause excessive wear of equipment
  • Create impact fusion problems
  • Cause gun spitting and puffing
  • Increase film thickness uniformity
  • Decrease first pass transfer efficiency
  • Increase amount of overspray and reclaim
  • Reduce electrostatic attraction:
    • Large particles can bounce off
    • Particles traveling too fast for wrap
    • More particles to charge
    • Increased friction creating high static charge reducing the effectiveness of the corona charge

It is important to find the correct gun pressures to alleviate the listed negative impacts and to improve your bottom line, reduce overall costs, and meet performance requirements with quality and efficiency.

For more information on Optimizing Gun Pressures, read TCI's Troubleshooting Guide.

Or contact us today to speak with one of our professional service technicians. We can help you with application questions or any of your powder coating needs.

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