Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Honoring Deacon Edward Hicks

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Deacon Edward Hicks in July. Edward was a valued member of our team having worked for TCI for 20 years, and he will be missed.

As a Bonding Operator Supervisor at TCI, Edward was a wonderful employee who understood the meaning of the word "team." He was always more focused on the good of the company and the department than on his own benefit. He made many great contributions to TCI and helped it move forward in numerous ways. His work here will not soon be forgotten.

The deep admiration and respect Edward had from his colleagues shines through in the following words from his co-workers and friends:

“Edward was the best boss a person could ever have.  He made sure I was taken care of.  I shall miss him.  He was just Edward, a friend indeed.  He taught me a lot.”  Beverlyn Luckerson

“Edward Hicks loved his job.  He loved the people he worked with.  He truly thought of everyone here as family.  That being said, he took his job VERY seriously.  If something went wrong in his department, he took it very personal.  He felt everything that went on there, reflected on him, not just TCI. 

On a personal note, Edward was a Christian, first and foremost, and an extremely proud father to his son, Josh.  He was a true friend of mine, in every sense of the word.  He cared for others, genuinely.  He always wanted to know how others were doing, and how their children/family was.  Edward is and will continue to truly be missed.”  Kricket M. Barineau – HR/Payroll/Benefits

“Edward set an example for all of us during his time here as he clearly tried to make each day of his 20 years count.   He cared for our business, our customers, and our employees and continually sought improvements.  I am not sure what else you could ask of an employee.”  Sheldon Holloway VP – Product Development

“Best way to describe Edward……  Most loving gentle giant with a huge smile.”  Tina Bennett – Accounting/Accounts Receivable

“Edward was an employee who always put TCI first. He always tried to excel in what he was doing, and asked for the same from the employees under his supervision.  He took pride in his departments efficiency and appearance.  I do not think we will ever replace Edwards’s drive and hard work, and certainly not his personality.   Edward had a distinctive laugh and a quick smile, and would always give his time no matter what.  His presence has been and will continue to be missed.”  Chuck Pless – EHS Manager

“Edward always greeted everyone he met with a smile.  He was always in search of any extra snacks or sweet tea anyone could send his way.  He lived by the golden rule and knew that this was only a temporary stop and that by living a Christian life he was building his heavenly home.”  Wanda Burke – Production Planner

Edward Hicks was a remarkable man and everyone at TCI is better for having known him.

To read Edward’s obituary and more about his life outside of work click below. 

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