Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Benefits of Using Electrostatic Spray Guns vs. Conventional Spray Guns

There are many advantages to using electrostatic spray equipment. The
main advantage is an increase in transfer efficiency. With increased transfer efficiency, material usage drops, clean-up costs decrease, and disposal costs go down. Electrostatic guns create a more uniform and even coating with a much higher finish quality. Electrostatic methods also lower solvent emissions into
the air since less coating material is needed to coat each part.

Selecting a spray gun is an important decision to make in the design of a spray system. Matching the gun to the application is of utmost importance. Failure to choose the correct equipment generally results in lower efficiencies, increased coating costs, increased emissions, and higher booth filter costs.

TCI provides expert support, troubleshooting, testing, research, audits, equipment and defect analysis, corrective action plans, and training. More importantly, we dig deep into your operation to evaluate and identify the areas where we can optimize your process and lower your overall coating costs.

Contact us today to speak with one of our professional service technicians. We can help you with spray gun selection or any of your powder coating needs.


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