Thursday, September 17, 2015

Back Ionization

Back Ionization is when powder layers start being repelled from the part during application and is primarily caused when the part has reached its saturation point, which prevents any more powder from being deposited on the substrate.

Back ionization results in improper surface coating, which leads to a coating that is not suitable for corrosion protection. It also causes an “orange peel” type texture on the part, an undesirable look in most scenarios. The back ionization effect is more typical when applying a second coat on a part, but can also happen when applying first coats. Back ionization is also known as starring or starburst effect.

How to avoid back ionization:
  • Lower voltage settings
  • Optimizing distance between the gun and coating surface
  • Check the grounding.

For more information like this, please see or download our powder coating technical guide on our website. 

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