Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Electrostatic Spray (Tribomatic Static Charging)

Tribomatic static charging is the second most common method of spraying powder coatings.  In this method the powder develops a positive charge when passing through the spray gun walls.  The positively charged powder particle is then transported to the grounded product by the air stream leaving the gun.  Tribomatic charging is efficient in developing a static charge within the powder, however, coatings must be specifically formulated for this system. 

  • No high voltage source required
  • Better coverage in recessed areas
  • Slightly lower capital costs

  • Level of charge varies with powder chemistry and formula
  • Slower rate of application
  • Transfer efficiency is lower than corona charging system
  • Requires more guns
  • Wears out parts faster

For more information on powder coating methods, please see or download our powder coating technical guide on our website. 

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