Thursday, June 25, 2015

Powder Application Methods

The method chosen to apply powder coatings varies depending upon the specific part, process, and specifications. There are a number of methods available for applying powder coatings. 
Factors to consider in coating methods:
  • Film thickness requirements
  • Means of conveying the part through the coating process, line speed, and racking configurations
  • Part configuration/size/thickness
  • Powder coating chemistry
  • Product performance characteristics
  • Number of colors used
  • Means of applying the powder – automatically, manually, or combination
  • Plant space and capabilities of powder coating equipment

Powder coating application methods range from simple dipping into a fluidized bed of the powder to a more complex electrostatic spray process.  Each process has advantages for specific applications.

Most commonly used methods include:
  • Fluidized bed
  • Electrostatic fluidized bed
  • Electrostatic spray
  • Other various methods including flocking, electrostatic disc, flame spray etc.

For more information on powder coating methods, please see or download our powder coating technical guide on our website. 

Look for upcoming blogs with specifics on the various application methods.

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