Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Industry Suppliers Corner: Intech Services

As a powder coating supplier, we realize there are lots of options for finding the best products and solutions for your needs.  In our New Industry Suppliers Corner, we will be highlighting various supplier options in the powder coating market.

Intech Services Company Profile
 Intech Services is a Partner of TCI Powder Coatings.

Business Information:
Business Name:  Intech Services, Inc.
N. A. Headquarters:  211 Lake Drive Newark DE 19702
Tel:  (302) 366-8530

Products: Intech Services is the exclusive source of DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings in the United States and Canada. Intech also partners with top-of-the-line vendors such as Precision Quincy for industrial ovens, Mighty Hook for hooks and racking, and TCI Powder Coatings for TruPak, small quantities of powder coatings. Additionally, the CoaterONE industrial e-marketplace includes products specific to the coating industry such as high temperature masking products, gloves, hooks and racks, safety equipment, spray gun equipment, and quality assurance tools.

Solutions: For suppliers and end users, Intech is a one-stop shop for all industrial coating needs coupled with industry expertise second to none. For business partners, Intech provides the resources, support, systems, manpower, and training for marketing and sales strategies that promote the growth of your business.

Intech has been a partner in the industrial coating world for over twenty years. In that time, the company has innovated both itself and the market by evolving into a company with a unique focus. By providing customizable sales and marketing systems, resources, and services to the industrial coating marketplace, Intech combines expertise in the field with skilled, personable employees offering the art and science of successful business strategies that gives your company an exclusive competitive advantage.

When partnering with Intech, expect a long-term, sustainable alliance that is built on mutual trust, transparency, and exclusivity. Intech’s high standards mean that we do not connect lightly. When you invest in us, we invest in you. We want to be associated with the best because that’s our standard. Intech’s commitment to transparency and exclusivity allows us to build a genuine connection with our partners that fosters opportunities for us to advocate, problem solve, and ultimately deliver more.


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