Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Powder vs. Liquid Coatings: Economic Advantages

There are many economic advantages to using powder coatings instead of liquid, making powder coating the smart choice to run the most economical and efficient operation.  Some advantages include:

  • Lower heating costs for curing oven - The exhaust requirements for a powder coating oven are lower than solvent-based coatings, resulting in energy savings.
  • Greater operating efficiency - No drying or flash-off time is required. Parts can be racked closer together on conveyors and pass more quickly through the production line.
  • Lower reject rates - Because powder coating does not run, drip, or sag, more parts can be coated automatically with fewer rejects.
  • High utilization efficiency - With proper application equipment, powder materials and efficient recovery methods, one-coat application and 95%-98% powder utilization efficiency are obtainable versus an average of 60% material utilization with an electrostatic liquid system.
  • Production flexibility - Color changes can be made quickly when more than one color is desired, saving time.
  • Minimal training requirements - Minimal operator training and supervision are required for a powder line. Employees prefer working with dry powder due to the lack of fumes, reduced housekeeping problems, and minimum clothing contamination. A simpler coating process leads to less coating errors, which results in reduced scrap and rejects, labor costs, and operating costs.
  • Simplified permit process - The permitting process for a powder coating operation is simpler; therefore, compliance with federal and state regulation is also easier, saving both time and money.

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