Monday, March 23, 2015

Legislative And Regulatory Policy Update – Understanding REACH

The Powder Coating Institute has partnered with the American Coating Association to highlight updates on legislation and regulatory issues affecting the powder coating industry.  The following update seeks to give information on regulations in effect abroad, specifically in the European Union and how it may affect the powder coating industry.

REACH is a European Union regulation on Registration, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals and their potential impact on health and the environment.  REACH applies to substances manufactured or imported into the European Union (EU) in quantities of 1 ton or more per year.

REACH holds industries accountable for assessing and managing the risks posed by chemicals they manufacture and market.  Companies must determine and present how substances can be used safely, as well as inform users of risk management measures.  REACH impacts a wide range of companies across many sectors, even those who may not think of themselves as being involved with chemicals. 

REACH may impact powder coating manufactures and customers in the following ways:
  • Manufacturer: If you make chemicals, either to use yourself or to supply to other people (even if it’s for export), then you will probably have some important responsibilities under REACH.
  • Importer: If you buy anything from outside the EU for import into the EU, you are likely to have some responsibilities under REACH. It may be individual chemicals, mixtures for onwards sale, or finished products, like furniture or plastic goods.
  • Downstream users: Companies using chemicals need to check their obligations if they handle chemicals in their industrial or professional activity. They might have some responsibilities under REACH.
  • Companies established outside the EU: If you are a company established outside the EU, you are not bound by the obligations of REACH, even if you export products into the customs territory of the EU. The responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of REACH falls on the importers established in the EU, or with the only representative of a non-EU manufacturer established in the European Union.

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