Thursday, March 12, 2015

Introducing the New TruAnodize Powder Coatings Product Line

We are proud to launch a newly developed powder coating product line called TruAnodize.  As part of the TruDurance architectural coatings product line, these powder coatings are
designed specifically for architectural applications where the anodized look is desired. These powder coatings are a smooth, low gloss coating applied in one coat with no clear coat required. 

We developed six anodized colors to match the most popular anodized colors on the market including: 
  • Light Bronze LR
  • Dark Bronze LR
  • Dark Bronze DR
  • Champagne LR, Black
  • Bonded Clear
Ideal applications for this coating include windows, door frames, lighting, benches, wall panels, and rails.  

These coatings will eliminate the variation problems commonly associated with anodized metals.

For the press release, please visit TCI's website.
To see more information on TruAnodize coatings or download product literature, please see TruAnodize landing page.

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