Friday, January 23, 2015

Manufacturing of Powder Coatings; Series 2 of 3

The process of manufacturing powder coatings is a relatively complex process that must be carefully controlled to ensure a high-quality final product.  Powder coatings are manufactured in a multi-step process of pre-mixing, extrusion, and micronization.  Basically, materials are blended, melted, cooled, and then pulverized. This blog will focus on extrusion, the second step in the process. 

Extrusion Process: this involves the powder being heated up, which activates the resin and hardeners.  The consistency of the powder is changed to a liquid, which is then cooled and hardens into a sheet.  This sheet is then broken up into small chips. 

For more information from TCI Powder Coatings on the manufacturing of powder coatings, please refer to our TroubleshootingGuide or contact us today to speak with our experienced team about how we can help you with your powder coating needs.

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